Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making it up as I go along...the quilty thing

This is the project I mentioned, a larger embroidery/applique/quilt kind of thing.  I should probably mention BEFORE you look at the pics, that I've never made a quilt in my life before and don't know anyone who does personally, so I've never actually seen one in progress, only pictures.  If you have a look at Jude Hill's work at Spirit Cloth, and Judy Martin's at Judy's Journal, you'll see where my inspiration is coming from though...I adore their work, but they are masters (or should that be mistresses!?) of their craft!  So if you're a quilt-maker, please don't laugh too's all a learning process!  I'm continuing the idea from my small piece of showing the rough edges of the fabric because I like the softness, I don't want a hard edge.  The idea is to make a double sided affair, so that it is a mat to sit on...and also a kind of robe that can be worn.  A theatrical costume I suppose, but I liked the idea of it being a practical item that does two jobs.  That's the IDEA...the reality will no doubt be vastly different, but as I keep telling myself, it's the journey that counts.  The scribbly bit of paper is the only concrete planning/design I've done, everything else is in my usual.  In all likelihood, it will end up as a one-sided wall hanging because I haven't got any idea how I'm going to put it all together...but for now, I'll hang on to my two-sided dream!

The plan...such as it is.  The one I'm following (sort of) is the bottom right design.  It is 1.2m square in total.

Beginning of the centre circle...about 30cm diameter

Detail of centre

Second circle added (it looks off-centre because of the angle), and more details added to centre circle

Close-up.  Once I've stitched the third circle on, I'll go back and embroider and applique over it all, then the plan is to stitch it to a backing cloth with an all-over running stitch that spirals and curves over the whole thing.  Don't know if I'll need any extra padding between this part and the backing, I'll see what happens when I get there!

So I really am just making it up as I go along, and probably making a whole lot of mistakes that an experienced quilt-maker would know how to avoid, but oh may be unorthodox, but I'll work out just might end up being the long scenic route!


Jess said...

Wow - I'm very impressed! It looks like the work of an expert to me. I'm no expert myself and just make things up as I go along but I quite often get there in the end! You're very talented and it shows in this design, well done!xx

Unknown said...

I think it's beautiful so far. I love the colors and the embroidery.
Sometimes the best way to learn is to jump in and do! Good luck, learn lots but most of all Enjoy the Journey!

Raven Moon Magic said...

It is looking sooo goood to me and i do experimental patchwork too, is there a wrong way.
I agree with the sorfness of raw edged things, i love well made quilts but the harsh sharp ironed edges make the whole blanket loose the comfy feel altogether.
Just keep going with your flow, it looks perfect, your embroidery is amazingly precise to me.
eagerly awaiting more!!


peggy aplSEEDS said...

it looks absolutely, amazingly fantastic to me!

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