Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rambling on....

And more music...well, it's on my mind a lot lately.  There has been a distinct lack of VISUAL creativity happening around here, but lots of AURAL stuff going on.  So this week I have worked out how to play this song.  Well my version of it anyway.  I don't quite see the point in duplicating exactly someone's way of playing even if they are the writer/composer.  A good starting point, but then I think what makes a song live and carry on are the new things that other singers/players bring to it.  And not forgetting the difference in guitar playing ability between some of us!!!  So I found some guitar TABS for 'Rambling Man', and changed my tuning to DADF#AD...and then just had fun fiddling around and finding pretty chords that I thought sounded right.

As for other things, it has been disaster central in Australia lately.  Thankfully there has been minimal death or injury, but the loss and devastation has been huge.  Record floods and Cyclones in Queensland, severe flooding in Victoria, even an unusually far south Cyclone near miss over this side of the country which brought with it a short burst of torrential rain and some minor flooding (just a taste of what could come if La Nina brings us a wet Autumn), high winds, roofs blown off and a 'catastrophic fire warning' inland that very thankfully never eventuated.  And just this last couple of days, terrible bush fires have destroyed dozens of homes in the Perth hills, half an hour drive from here.  I hope that we have seen the end of it.

I feel I should apologize too, for the lack of blogging action in the attic of late.  It's incredible how much time 3 days of a 'real' job seem to swallow up, and I get home with an empty head and nothing of any meaning to say.  But now the girls are back at school, I hope to organise myself (now there's an impossible task!) a little better and find some time for the things my fingers are itching to create!


Jan said...

No apologies needed. None. Love that you shared this video ... rambling man & a fair young maiden singing it.

I would l-o-v-e to see footage of you playing and singing ... please do take note. And take heart, you are creating ... you are as busy as any in the creative sphere.


Jacky said...

I know what you mean...I work three days a week too and often struggle to find time to create and blog. It's hard to fit everything in sometimes.
Off to listen to your music video clip now.

Jacky xox

WOL said...

Your "visual art" batteries have just switched over to "recharge cycle" at the moment. .

Is the weather really getting more violent everywhere, or is it just that now we have CNN to tell us about what has been going on all along, but we just weren't aware of it?

My heart goes out to all those poor people whose lives were devastated by all the terrible "weather events." Yes, they are still alive and have all their loved ones safe, but their world is a total shambles and they've got to deal with it somehow.

Raven Moon Magic said...

Its such a harsh time mother nature is throwing at your country at the moment. I wonder whats worse, losing your cardboard box house to the winds or your huge house full of things, the waste and clean up looks unbelieveable, where do these towns even start!
I have two friends leaving next week to drive diggers in the east coast clean up. plenty of work to be done.....
and the only drought seems to be in your head. I hate not feeling creative, it makes me feel more dead than being sick, having the flu and doodling is better than feeling fine and having zilch ideas, I get irritated. so just a bit of time is needed, it will be back... working sure does make you appreciate home though dosent it. I work every night at the moment at a takeaways! woo hoo, havent blogged about that un glamourous part of my life, gotta get those ends meeting somehow!
Well I love your work and will be here when you dazzle us with your next piece of wonder, but no pressure!!!
Take care over there although Im sure by now it has to be our turn. eek

Raven Moon Magic said...

"Let it always be known that I was who I am'

love this line the best


Valerianna said...

Great song, I've just discovered Laura Marling - what a gem! And I thought of you the other day when hearing about the fires... seemed to recall that you weren't far from Perth. Gosh, really something over your way.

We here are still buried in relentless snows, 150+ rooftops have collapsed in the state because of the weight of snow. Seems to have slowed down a bit, thank goodness! I do love the snow, and winter, and I;m not complaining as most people are, but city parking is crazy and the rooftop risk is scary. Luckily I had an avalanche here and don;t have much snow left up topside.

Glad to know you are safe and hope things calm down over there.

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