Monday, July 4, 2011

Art Expo July 10th!

Now I realise it would be very a long commute for most of you (requiring rather more than a cut lunch and a water-bag!), but just in case you are in the neighbourhood, or know anyone who might be, here are all the details of the Art Expo that is happening next weekend.  I'll be in Hackett Hall, stand No. 7 (diagonally opposite the entrance in the far corner), with some big paintings, some little paintings, lots of Wood Hangers (including 5 'Talesingr's Children'), some prints and cards, and the small original works on tea-bags you've already seen here.  Please pop in if you're in Perth, there will be lots and lots of wonderful art to look at, as well as demonstrations, activities for kids, food stalls and coffee!  And me...of course!  And it doesn't hurt that the University of Western Australia is a gorgeous campus to visit!


Mo Crow said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your stall Christina!
and you are making more Talesingr children, will they be available in your etsy shop soon? I need one!

Claire said...

ALL the good stuff happens on another continent *hurrumph!*
tho' i am having a nice giveaway to make my mum's birthday and my 100th post... xx

Ruthie Redden said...

Wish i had wings x or a magic carpet ;-) x Hope it all goes beautifully x

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