Friday, September 21, 2012

Today is International Day of Peace

I do not believe that peace is an airy-fairy notion existing only in some rarefied place where angels sing and float around on clouds. Peace builds schools and hospitals, it makes gardens in wastelands, and rescues beached whales and abandoned children, it has mud on its boots and dirt under its fingernails. It is as real as anything else humans have believed in, and in believing, have created.

I believe the world is beautiful.  If you believe it too...
it will be.

(editing to add this, which I've just discovered and believe is worth sharing!)

(and this because I couldn't decide)

(and this!)

And here's the link to Playing for Change


Ms. said...

This is so good! Dirt under my fingernails and peace in my heart.

strugglingwriter said...

This is great. Thank you so much for posting.

Mo Crow said...

ah the music!
"Oh sure, it's money that rules the world. It's music that holds down the friction."
quote from "The Queen's Own Evaders" a short story by Ray Bradbury

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