Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The other 'artists in residence' at Nannup!

All parents think their kids are amazing, right?!  But sometimes my daughters amaze even me! These are a couple of the drawings they did while hanging out in the gallery with me.  If they can do this at 8 and 11, I can only imagine how brilliant they'll be when they're grown up!

There was a Belly-dancing extravaganza happening in town, so Biggest Munchkin (who is 11, turning 12 in August) drew this beautiful dancer.  I just love the movement she's captured, and the expression on the dancer's face...you can just see the music moving through her!

And a forest fairy by Littlest Munchkin, who is 8 (9 in July).  Sightly influenced by a couple of Mummy's paintings, but all her own work, and just took my breath away!

I've decided not to do the exhibition in August, though I'd dearly love to.  Just not enough time to do a whole new lot of work, I've just started a new part-time job, and we have some big plans for the next few months.  So maybe next year, fingers crossed!

I think my body decided after the exhibition, "Right, all that palaver is over, time to go on strike!"  So in the last week, I've had a migraine, got a cold sore, and a lovely dose of the flu as well.  So it's Phlegm Central here at the moment.  Sigh, I need a holiday I think!


Julia Kelly said...

Fantastic art from your kiddos- i love my kids art above my own !! Hope you get rest up and fill the well

Valerianna said...

Beautiful drawings!! The Forest Fairy has beautiful line quality and the eyes and nose simplifications remind me of Matisse, lovely. You GO girls!!

Unknown said...

Your childrens' work is phenomenal! There is a freeing, beautiful, "wild woman" essence in both drawings. So beautiful.

I hope you feel better soon and get the rest you need.

Hindustanka said...

Their drawings are beautiful! They have picked a talent from you for sure!

Ms. said...

Runs in the family! Really nice.
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Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Beautiful! So talented.

Shellie Wilson said...

Wow an amazing Artist!

Ruthie Redden said...

How wonderful to see creativity running through the family, both girls work is beautiful, I so look forward to seeing more. x

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