Thursday, October 31, 2013

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere...

I've just joined Soundcloud, and thought I'd knock up a test run.  Here's a little bit of dark and gloomy for everyone celebrating Halloween (if I've loaded it properly, that is).  Down here, it's Beltaine, but after yesterday's 37˚C heat, it would appear we've skipped Spring and fast forwarded straight to summer. Going to be another LONG, HOT one.


Ms. said...

Hey...Beltaine...oh so opposite..but I love the upside down of our connection, and wish you tolerance for the heat and perhaps a breeze from Winter where we are heading...however No sound cloud sorry to say.

redwitch said...

Thank you - Soundcloud worked perfectly. I love that poem - an old favourite and nicely put together with the atmospheric background.
Have enjoyed a quiet but lovely Samhain here.
Happy Beltane blessings to you :)

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