Monday, January 6, 2014

A few more pics of our new (temporary) home!

Loaded up with just a fraction of our house, on a coffee break on the way to our new life!

Christmas at 'Wooshwood' among many, many packing boxes.

A small red dog's view from the verandah, looking away across to the sea (we're not quite high up enough for ocean views though, and probably just as well, that's the Southern Ocean out there and it can get WINDY!)

Panorama couch view.

The front verandah, from the outside couch.

Well, here it is, a temporary home for a few months while we settle in and try and become 'locals', then it will be 'all go' again when we find a block of land to build on.  I'm on the ipad at the moment, which is less than ideal for blogging, but after tomorrow we should be all connected up again.  Munchkins and hubby have nipped down to the beach for a swim, little red dog is curled up on the 'dog couch' (I have a couch all of my own!? That I can actually, really sit on!?) on the back verandah, and I'm about to make a cuppa (or maybe an iced tead, it's quite warm today) and sit on the outdoor couch and just soak up the view and the peace and quiet.  I'm also keeping an ear on the radio updates of a fire to the north west of here, not likely to affect us apart from some smoke, but when you're in the Aussie bush in summer, it pays to stay posted.  

I can't wait to get a desk organised in a corner somewhere (I'm going to miss my studio) and start working, there's so much inspiration here.  More pics and updates soon!


jinxxxygirl said...

so good to hear an update from you!Looking forward to see what 2014 brings you and me!
Hugs! deb

Mo Crow said...

Oh how exciting Christina, living near the ocean! I stayed for a bit near Yallingup back in 1974 in a big old sprawling 5 bedroom farmhouse with some surfies who gave us a lift when we were hitching 'round looking for whatever came next, it was walking distance from a great secret beach with a big open fire place, an old wood stove, a bucket of milk delivered by the farmer every morning (we lived on Milo) all for 5 dollars a week + there was work on the farm to make a few dollars helping out if the surf was no good, a magic time!

Valerianna said...

So, so happy for you, Christina!! Can't wait for you to go that next step and settle into the house YOU have built! Wonderfully exciting! And may the fire stay good and far awaay.

Unknown said...

Christina, your past few posts encourage me. We are in the middle of a big move from the home we have enjoy for almost 20 years and such changes take some getting used to. Nice to see you settled, even if temporarily - reminds me to keep my eye on the prize!

Julia Kelly said...

You found all the Christmas ornaments that's a start and your views are gorgeous...hope you get to "making" and posting real soon! Happy New Year!

Ruthie Redden said...

So lovely to hear from you and see where you have landed for a wee while, what stunning scenery. A Happy New Year to you & yours and may the days ahead be filled with wonderous things x

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