Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Winter Wander at Greens Pool

I promised I'd post more photos of our beach wander, so here they are.  This was back in August, still winter then, but it had been a gloriously warm day.  As you'll be able to tell, I was very fascinated with the patterns in the sand!

I'm really enjoying this website at the moment, especially after reading this.  One of the reasons why I really felt I needed to get the heck out of the city was because the levels of noise pollution, and the overall, never-ending sounds of humans and our machines were driving me to distraction.  Living here is a joy because so often I cannot hear anything that I could identify as human made.  I think it is a mostly unacknowledged problem that constant 'unnatural' noise is actually driving us balmy, and we desperately need to hear what the rest of the world, the non-human majority, is saying.


Mo Crow said...

a beautiful wander thank you for sharing!

gz said...

It isfascinating, sand. The combination of geography, geology and climate

Lunar Hine said...

I love those photos. I take lots when I get entranced by something and can never tell which I will like the most until I get home and inspect them.
And noise, yes. That is one of the reasons why I love my home. Right now I can hear the hum of my laptop and footsteps nextdoor, but no voices, no traffic, no machines. Sometimes the wind is incredibly noisy, but it never disturbs me the way engines do.

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