Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Wolf Bride

I am in the final stages of tweaking, and getting evermore terrified.  Now my little project is up on the Denmark Festival of Voice website, and my name right there, so there is nowhere to hide, no possibility of scuttling back into my hidey hole and pretending it's all a just a daydream.  Here is a screenshot of the page, and the link to check out whole program is Denmark Festival of Voice.  It's going to be a mighty fine weekend!

As well as The Wolf Bride, I'm involved in a 'concert' version of last year's Living Testament project.  A last minute and totally unexpected aligning of the stars found a big chunk of the cast back together this last Monday, in a room at the Denmark Artshub, recording songs and spoken word with a wonderful professional Producer/Sound Engineer, Pete Grandison.  We might even have a cd to sell at the concert!  Maybe one day, there might even be a Wolf Bride cd.  Hmmmmmm!


Trace Willans said...

It is all looking wonderful and who knows now that I am back home it might be possible to have a look.
Did I ever send you this link?

I have a copy if you want to take a look

x te

A mermaid in the attic said...

Hi Trace, lovely to hear from you. So you're back here now?! We'll have to catch up, come round for a sundowner sometime. No, I hadn't seen the Blurb book, but I've seen Michelle's work before and loved it. Wow, though, the last painting stopped me in my tracks...I've never seen that one before, there really must be something floating about in the collective unconscious around this theme. This year it seems I keep coming across Beauty and the Beast things (not just the Disney one!), and/or shapeshifter/wolf stories. Have you ever seen any of Cartoon Saloon's animations, 'The Secret of Kells' and 'Song of the Sea'? They are utterly, utterly gorgeous (so very NOT Disney), and their next project, coming out in 2018, is a story about Irish wolf shapeshifters. There must be something in the water. I'm too scared to go see the Disney one, in case I find a whole bunch of things matching mine. No one will believe I've been working on this since 2010!

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