Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Living Testament keeps popping up. Just found this...

Busily searching for something else, I came upon this article written for the Country Arts Network WA.  This is just a screenshot, if you'd like to read it all, the link to it is here.

At the bottom of the article there is a Vimeo clip.  I don't know who put it together, but it's rather lovely, and my beautiful girl features rather a lot. The songs used are "Dust Beneath My Feet", written and performed by yours truly (first rough iPhone recording, this one), and "Don't Be Afraid Of My Power", lyrics from 'Thunder: Perfect Mind', from the Nag Hammadi Gospels, music by the lovely Chrystal Rogers, performed by Chrystal with me providing harmony vocals. Also a very rough iPhone recording, Chrystal sang it for us during one of our rehearsals, and I added the harmony vocals later using Garage Band. Both these songs also appear on our CD, now beautifully recorded by the lovely Pete Grandison. 

Here's the Vimeo!


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