Monday, April 5, 2010

Onion Skins and campfires, toffee apples and a bush Easter

So I am back in the 'burbs after a lovely couple of days down in the south west to visit my in-laws for Easter.  It has once again strengthened my resolve to make the big move, and perhaps next year, acquire a little slice of country paradise for ourselves, a place where our girls can run and play and get dirty and forget for days on end that such things as TV exist.

But first of all, on Good Friday we made some special eggs for gifts.  I haven't tried this before, but even though the eggs were quite brown to start with, they came out rather beautifully, though little fingers needed a bit of help to wrap the eggs in the onion skins and cloth and tie them off.  We tried wrapping herbs around the eggs first, but perhaps we need a little more practice to perfect a clear leaf print.  But we were still impressed with our efforts, and as a bonus, created 10 little squares of tie-dyed cotton voile!
Eggs bubbling away in the pot

The final results!

I have also been working on my Quilty thingy.  The plummy patches have all been stitched to the bottom semi-circle, with yarn squiggles sewn over the top.
The 'big' picture...with feet again!

Close-up of the yarn squiggles.

But then I decided that the purple squiggles got a bit lost against the background, so I decided to outline them in red...I think this is stem stitch, but don't quote me on it!
Close-up of outlining.

I took it all down with me on the weekend, and have added more squiggles and spirals, so more pictures to come.

And we stopped for afternoon tea on the way down for a pot of tea by a friend's campfire, and made the best toffee apples in the world.  These beat marshmallows hands down!
You do need a bit of patience though, they take about 10 minutes...and a good sturdy NON-POISONOUS stick!

The finished result...roast apple with apple flavoured good is that?!


Jess said...

Your quilt is stunning, just my colours - I want it! ;o)
The eggs look amazing and that apple, well, you have my mouth watering right now!xx

Jasmine said...

Sounds like you've been having lots of fun. i love the quilt.

Ruthie Redden said...

it looks as though you all had great fun, i never even got round to dying my eggs and love the ones both you & jasmine have done! I cant wait until we get weather warm enought to go and do the campfire bit, we had snow again this week! Love the stitching on your quilty thing, its making my fingers itch to do some sewing x

stargazer said...

oh I love your quilty thing! Colours and the design are wonderful. Great seeing the progress - looks like you are steaming ahead!

Angharad Barlow said...

what fabulous colours your quilty thing is, I would like to wear it!
Time to crack on with stitching my bees I think!

Julia Kelly said...

Glad you had a nice Easter break! And the "quilty thing" is way cool!

DVArtist said...

The eggs are really rich and beautiful. The Quilt thingy is amazing and could you please send me some apple with toffee. It looks so good. And what a cutie offering it up.

A mermaid in the attic said...

Thanks everyone, yes, we did have a lovely weekend. The toffee apples are fun and so easy, keeps the kids amused for ages (and mummy too)! And I'm positive that a cuppa over the campfire tastes much better than inside on the stove :)

Raven Moon Magic said...

those apples look sooo yummy, as soon as our fire ban is over im going down to my fairy forest fire pit to make me some. they look way better than marshmallows, imagine them with cream mmmmmmmmmmmm

your patchwork is looking great and the red out line makes your squiggles look like snakes, very kundalini,
wonderful work, wonderful food, wonderful easter and I so wish I was there for that wonderful cup of tea yum


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