Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilty thingo pics as promised!

So this is where I am now...getting there, but still so much to do!

The whole thing so far.  Base layers finished on top half, now for more embroidery.

Detail of embroidery/stitching on second yellow circle.  I think this is crochet ribbon.  It caught my eye at the local craft shop anyway.

Close-up of second circle.

Second velvet circle finished.  Several more to do.

Velvet circles, finished and unfinished.


michelleK said...

Your quilt is looking gorgeous. It looks like a setting sun. Really really lovely work.

<3 Michelle

Ruthie Redden said...

Hi Christina, wow this is stunning, you are putting so much detail into it, it will be such a focal poin in any room! Hope you and yours are all well and happy, loved the pics of your girls in the last post, looks like u all had such fun. We are snowed under with our move and no time for play,(or anything else either, as moved daughter too!!) cant wait till we finished! then we can have beach days too. x x have a fab day xx

jude said...

this is wild!

Jacky said...

Your quilt is looking amazing...I am loving all of the detail and the wonderful colour palette you are working with.

Beautiful blog.

Jacky xox

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