Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dancing with my arms out wide....

Oh, the wonderful things to be DISCOVERED in the Etherworld.  Like this.  I've not heard of Jonsi before...but the video reminded me of yet another unfinished scribble I have (which might become a song), about the mad king Suibhne (or Sweeney).  And the music?  It makes me feel as if there's joy bubbling all the way up from my feet, as if I absolutely must dance barefoot, round and round with my arms thrown out wide.  The world would be a happier place if we danced more, I'm sure.

Suibhne’s Lover Laments

Shall I tempt you down again
My mad and melancholy king?
Gently I’ll unwind the feathers 
  twisted in your hair.
And soothe the searing truths the thorns
  have written on your skin.

Shall I tempt you down again
My solitary lover?
From the treetops of your exile
  in the chill and biting wind.
To the friendship of my bed
  your scars with kisses cover.

Your darkened eyes replete with pain
You cannot stay, you cannot stay
The wind will call you out again
My mad and melancholy king.

What use a warm body and a warm bed
  when you from languid arms are seized?
By the song of the wind among the leaves
  of the silent, frost-festooned dark trees.

Shall I tempt you down again
My sad and solitary lover?
From the exile of your wandering mind
  in snow and stinging rain.
And in my warm caress, again
  your human soul discover.

Christina Cairns © 2007


WOL said...

Nice. He's with Sigur Rose, a group that Jackie Morris mentioned liking. I like this one better than the Sigur Rose stuff I listened to.

Scribble looks finished to me. I can hear it as a slow song sung celtic style, with the little grace notes sung to a brass strun harp. It needs a melody that has a wide range of notes -- high ones and low ones. -- or so it seems to me.

WOL said...

make that "strung" Harps strung with brass strings "ring" like a bell. See:

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