Saturday, April 2, 2011

A shaggy 'Red' dog story...

I opened up Saturday's 'West Australian' newspaper this morning to find this article about a rather extraordinary dog.  I've known this story a long time, most West Australians probably know of Red Dog, and even the well known author Louis De Bernieres was intrigued enough by the tale (tail?!) to write a book based on the Dog's exploits.  But my interest is a little more personal as the Mrs M. Forrest mentioned is my very talented Aunty!  As an interesting aside, her name is actually Meri, and she was named after an Egyptian princess (one of Akhenaton's daughters I believe)!  My Aunty is a fairly amazing person, being a wife, and a mum to 4 kids (all grown up now) while at the same time managing to find time to paint, sculpt (some quite large pieces too), make jewellery (I still have a beautiful bangle she made for my 16th birthday) and so much more, in a time when women were just starting to think there might be more to life that being a housewife.  In her 70s now, she still has more energy than I'll ever have!  A dog lover all her life, her current 4-legged companion is a rather scatty but lovely Blue Heeler cross who was rescued from the pound (like many before her), and I can't imagine my aunty without a dog at her side.  I don't seem to remember any of her family's dogs ever being bought, most came from the pound or were lost and wandered in and found a home.  I guess it's fitting that the job of making the statue of Red Dog also found its way to her.

So apparently Red Dog (aka Tally, or Blue...because Australians call red heads 'Blue', I don't know why, but I still meet people who only know me as 'Bluey's' daughter, my dad being a Carrot top himself) has a new movie made all about his scruffy self.  Gotta love a lovable dog story.  I'll be going to see this one!

Article in today's 'West Australian'

Photo found here, with a little about the area Red Dog lived in, and another pic and info here.

A short film made recently about the making of Red Dog, narrated by my Aunt.


Von said...

Lovely story!

April Jarocka said...

Lovely post and brilliant to stumble across your blog and beautiful work again Christina!!! You might not remember me, but I hope you do! Love the blues in your "I must not forget how to fly" painting!!!
All the best

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