Saturday, September 29, 2018

Four Weeks to go!

My brain is in danger of suffering overload at the moment.  As much as I know how good a deadline is for me (because I can happily waffle on with any project ad infinitum), I'm feeling a bit all-over-the-shop right now.  It's because The Wolf Bride project is a thing of many parts, and although Chaos and Procrastination are my middle names, what I'm finding a bit of a challenge, is the lack of a space to spread everything out so I can SEE all the parts at once.  The way I like to work is a kind of orderly chaos, with all the separate parts out and visible, so that I can move between them all and work on whichever takes my fancy at the moment.  So I'd like to be constantly moving between writing poems sitting in this spot, picking up the guitar and playing there, scribbling ideas in my journal at my desk, hanging up sheets in this corner to try out some idea I've just scribbled about in my journal, turning a poem I've just written into a song, painting something large on the easel, going back to my journal...and so on.  But, I live in a shed.  With three other people and a large hairy dog.  And my desk has got art/writing/research stuff all over it...and so has the table I squeezed into the tiny corner I call my studio, so I've spilled over onto the dining table (which is right next to the work table), and I can only do one thing at a time...which is really hard for me because I'm just not that organised that I can schedule, "Right, I'm going to spend this morning writing poems, this afternoon, I'll practice the songs.  On Monday, I'll work on paintings, and I'll spend Tuesday on set ideas."  My brain just does NOT work like that!  Oh, for a studio!  One day!

Anyway, here are some things I've been working on and playing with.  I've also got a new song in the works, and a chunk of new story narrative.  Hmmm, hope I have enough time to learn it all!  Eeek!

I spent most of yesterday wresting with computer and printer (how do they always know you're in a hurry and somewhat stressed?!) to print out some 'Wolf Poem' booklets.  A day and a half and I've got 12 finished!

A rough sketch idea for a third large painting (which I may not have time to do!).  I'm not sure if I like the idea now.

Here is my performance space, in the lovely old Butter Factory Gallery.  The Butter Factory artists are such lovely people, but it is a very dangerous space for me, because I LOVE their work and have found myself buying things that I really can't afford, and have no place to put either!


Mo Crow said...

(((Christina))) with just 4 weeks to go your work has to take over the whole shed, everyone you share with will understand!

Claire said...

Loving the wee book - gorgeous!!

gz said...

great to see your work in your hands!

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