Saturday, September 29, 2018

Goodies in the post!

Just a quick post about some of the lovely things that have turned up in my PO box recently.  We don't have a mail box, we live too far out of town for the Postie, so Hubby brings home parcels every morning after work.  Quite often, they're bike bits (hmmm, ANOTHER package of mysterious bolts and washers and things completely unknown to me!).  But sometimes, they're for me!

Delicious things from Hedgespoken.  I can't help myself, I've followed Rima's blog and loved her stunning work for close to 10 years now, and my first hearing of 'Sometimes a Wild God' a few years ago got me completely hooked on Tom's magical poetry.

I've also been a fan of Karen Davies' work, and her lovely blog, for years too.  I've been coveting her beautiful hare hangers for so long.  But I can't quite afford one at the moment, and time zones being what they are, I'm never awake when she lists new ones and they're always gone by the time I next check.  So I bought a set of hare post cards instead, and a couple of lovely notebooks.  

Serenity Press, a local (well, Perth based) publishing company produced this lovely book by Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington.  My favourite story (probably no surprises here) is 'The Singing, Springing Lark', another Beauty and the Beast tale.

I will get on shortly, and post an update on where I am with 'The Wolf Bride'.  I'm starting to get panicky!  I've realised that essentially I have 4 weeks before I have to be ready, and I've got soooooo much still to do!


gz said...

Rima's work is quietly just so..and together with Tom..lucky you to have some of their work xx

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