Thursday, December 17, 2009

And just like that.... Followers box has mysteriously reappeared...with an extra follower.  Magic!

I have made my first batch of Christmas Panfortes...and of course, had to sample them just to make sure they were up to an acceptable standard!  One got slightly singed along one bottom edge (dodgy oven NOT dodgy cook, I swear!) and my dearly Beloved tried hard to commiserate but he really wasn't being very convincing, as he knows full well that any that don't measure up as presents will end up as his...well, ours.  I'm not letting him eat ALL of them by himself.  And we mustn't forget to leave a piece out for Father Christmas! ;-)

This little painting is one of the new ones in my shop here .  It's called "Wherever I lay my hat..."  Now who else remembers Paul Young ?!


sue said...

i remember him.. but ahemm! i used to live over a pub and heard that song sooo often it began to graate.... !! :o)
beautiful painting.. i love her hat with the windows and chimney.. wouldn't it be great to have a home like that? something about those colours too... xx

Julia Guthrie said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog :)
Am loving your pretty & gorgeous colours :)

And Paul Young...I LOVED Paul! hehehe


A mermaid in the attic said...

Hi Julia, yes, the 80s...ahhh! Your blog is gorgeous, all those beautiful photos took me back to the imagined Cornwall of my childhood, though I was 24 by the time I eventually got there in reality and spent a magical, but all too brief few days. Beautiful artwork...I think 'Freya' is my favourite so far! Sue, love your inspirational posts...your latest one has particular resonance for me...I tend to be too busy thinking about tomorrow, or what I'm going to do next, to be in the moment and appreciate and be truly mindful of what it is I'm doing right NOW...something for me to work on!

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