Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 'Green Jack' is available as a print!

In case you'd like your very own Green Man, they are now available as A4 and A5 prints in my Etsy shop.  They will look like this (really just an excuse for another pic of him!), with a white border to allow for framing.  Printed on heavy quality (251gsm) semi-gloss Epson paper.
The original has been packaged up and sent off for an exhibition/competition, so we shall see if he catches someone's eye.  I've gotten rather attached to him now though, and almost hope he doesn't!


Richard Jesse Watson said...

Great job, Mermaid, on painting Green Jack. He's quite provocative and studly.Hope he does well at the exhibition.

Valerianna said...

I really like the hint of antlers!! and, the way the text seems to be behind one of the leaves. And I struggle with letting go of some work.... thank the goddess that these days we can have really good prints if we must sell work!

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