Monday, May 31, 2010

The 'Green Jack'...or maybe Nigel...or Barry........

So here he is now, with the left side darkened and text added, and some face paint/tattoo/tribal marking type stuff happening, just giving the vague hint of antlers...because for me the Green Man is also Herne the Hunter.  I THINK he's finished, but am just wondering now whether it could do with another line of text to balance better?  But no, I think that's just me never being satisfied.  Beloved Other Half says this is a little different for me, a looser style, and he likes it.  On the whole, I think the experiment went very well, and I'm looking forward to trying more of these pencil/acrylic on canvas combos...maybe something a little bigger next time (this one is only 20cm x 20cms) so that I can give that 'looser style' free reign.

And something to listen to while you're looking at the pic!
Just had a quick surf to find the lyrics, and here they are, along with a nice explanation of how the song came about and guitar tabs too (for when I've had a LOT more lessons!)


Stace said...

This is really beautiful!

Emerald Window said...

The golden rule of art is to stop when it's finished. And this is finished....and absolutely stunning. You did good girl.

Anonymous said...

WoW ! i love this.. a very fetching green man indeed :-) i like the oddness of the three lines of text too, i think one more would be perhaps too even!

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