Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nannup #2

OK, here's a little more of what we heard.  The wonderful Julia Rose, also from Queensland.  So lovely, she was there with her big sis (who was in another band) and her mum and dad were there too, selling her CDs...I had a brief word to her mum, and apparently Julia is one of 5 siblings who are all musically talented.  She plays Bass guitar, and wow, she can play.  This particular song doesn't really showcase her skills (compared with what we heard...she does great reggae stuff too), but there isn't much live footage of her on Youtube as yet, and it does give you an idea.  She has a great voice too.  They were so much fun live, she and guitarist Felicity Lawless (aka cool is that?!) just looked liked they were having a ball onstage, so much infectious energy.  She's here in this video with 'Anarchist Duck' but this is the same line-up we saw.  Enjoy!


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