Saturday, June 9, 2012

Still here...'s been a while I know.  There isn't really a good reason, just lots of silly small ones I guess, you know, busy with things that often aren't really important but they take up time and more importantly, energy.  Boring life stuff.  Mojo a bit low too, and feeling that I haven't really got anything particularly interesting to tell you.  And at the same time, weirdly, too much to say to know where to start.  And good old procrastination of course.  So I won't rabbit on a lot now, just dipping my toe back in, and to show you a couple of things I've done in the last two weeks.  A big and a small painting, with a bit of scribbling on them.  Because I am, as I'm sure you well know, an inveterate scribbler!

"In the Realm of the Night."  I had two heavy, rustic wood frames made by a friend many years ago, which I've never been quite sure what to do with.  They called out to be much more than just frames, so I made this one part of the painting, with beads and fabric and bits of old jewellery all added into the mix.

This is "The Ragged Soul", to illustrate THIS poem of mine.  For anyone who has ever felt they weren't good enough, had failed, or just weren't the person they though they would be.

Acrylic, coloured pencil, pastel and ink.
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