Friday, May 22, 2015

Goodbye to a small, blithe spirit.

She was the runt of the litter, a bit crazy, hated other dogs, even nipped a neighbour once (just a 'heeler' nip though, on the ankle), never caught or fetched a ball or stick (she'd watch you throw it and then just look at you as if to say "What?"), and was the world's worst guard dog.  Though she'd quite happily bark at nothing for hours.  She would sleep on the inside couch even when she KNEW she wasn't allowed to, and she would take up most of the outside one too, when you were trying to sit on it.  She ate cat poo, kangaroo poo, rabbit poo, who knows, possibly even fox poo.  But she'd carefully extricate lettuce, potato, and tomato from anything you fed her.  She left white fur on EVERYTHING, all year round.

But she was ours.  And now she's gone.  She loved belly rubs and sitting on your feet, walking up to the school bus in the mornings, chasing magpies, and licking you whenever your guard was down. And now there's a big (rather torn and dog-chewed) space on the outside couch that will never be filled again.  Maybe it was a snake bite, maybe something she ate.  We don't know.  We found her when we got home from picking up littlest munchkin from her school camping trip (what a horrible thing to come home to, my poor little munchkin).

Goodbye my mad little Flynn.  I hope you're chasing magpies somewhere in dog heaven.


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