Thursday, July 27, 2017

'The Wolf Bride' sings again...

Well, I've got a looooong drive ahead of me tomorrow!  Five hours in the car (in dodgy weather too), heading up to Perth, to attend the Puppetry Workshop at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre for the next two weeks.  Luckily I'll have Lisa Knapp (The Hidden Stream) to accompany me on the cd player, and others I haven't quite decided on yet...hmmmm, some Gjallarhorn perhaps.

But, possibly foolishly, I thought, "I know, while I'm up in the Big Smoke, I'll see if I can squeeze in a house concert."  So with the help of some friends, I've got one organised.  I've never done a house concert before, so this is all a slightly nerve wracking learning experience.  But, I don't want The Wolf Bride to get packed away in a box in a corner of my mind, never to see the light again, so I have to start somewhere.

So it's all happening on 5th August.  Some original songs with the lovely Ginny to start off with, then into The Wolf Bride as the main event.  Fingers crossed my brain won't be a puddle of goop by the end of an intensive week of puppetry, and I'll be able to remember it all!

Here's the Soundcloud taster/promo again too, just in case someone pops along who hasn't been here before and wonders what it's all about!

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