Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Cailleach progresses.

Just a quick update on the Great Southern Cailleach.  Experimenting with technique at the moment, using colour pencil over acrylic base coat.  Goes on nicely, though I'm not sure how it will look after a coat of spray varnish, but if you don't try it, you'll never know!  Also very busy with Wolf Bride, trying to finalise my narrative 'between-songs' bits.  I've got two months to pull it into shape and learn it REALLY, REALLY well.  I'ver never performed anything like this before, so I'm mostly terrified...but if you don't try.........must be my new mantra!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Whatever happened to...

Well, I'm still here...

Just busy, busy.  With some fun things and some not-so-fun things.  I don't know there's much point in writing an enormously long post about what I've been doing for the last 7 months, so I'll pop a few images in, with some info tit-bits.  I WILL, I promise, write some more soon.  I've got projects on the go, but some more aural than visual, so not so easy to 'show-and-tell'.

So a quick round-up!

I painted my kitchen wall red.

I tried to capture a rainbow but it was too big for my camera.  This was the most amazing, complete, perfect rainbow I have EVER seen.

The view from down the road.  Point Hiller off in the distance.  (I do hate that name.  Named a scant 200 years ago by an Englishman who sailed past and didn't stop, after an Englishman who never even set foot in Australia.  I want to know its real name, the one it had for tens of thousands of years before.)

I went on camp with littlest munchkin (who is very NOT little anymore!) and climbed Mt Trio in the Stirling Ranges (another magic place named after some dead, white dude!)

Biggest Munchkin and I got involved in an amazing theatre project called 'Living Testament'.  A community devised piece melding the stories of five women from the Old Testament, and trying to see beyond the patriarchal gloss, with the experiences of women in this town now.  All these photos are by the amazing Hazel Blake.

My munchkin was the only teenager among a bunch of worldly older women.  She more than held her own, and despite a rigorous rehearsal schedule, sailed through less stressed than the rest of us (with school too) and became everyone's favourite!


Not only did I get myself involved in the performing side of things, I was also up to my ears in designing/creating the set (an amazing piece of community stitched and embroidered artwork in itself), writing, and writing songs and music. A little over committed perhaps?!  Both munchkins came along and helped contribute to the stitching.

Many hands created this marvel.

My beautiful girl, as Bathsheba.

A little sketch, an idea.  A southern sister for the Cailleach Bheara.  Cailleach Deas perhaps?

Thumbnails for a big painting.

Full size sketch.  If you look closely at the bit under her knee, you might see that it's the same headland that appears off in the distance in the photo of the view down the road.

A notebook filled with ideas for 'The Wolf Bride'.  I have 5 or 6 songs, I have narrative bits written for the in-betweens (more work to do there) and I have a deadline!  I've committed to performing at the Festival of Voice in the first weekend of June.  Just me, guitar, and hopefully by that time of the year, a crackling fire to sit by and listen.  If it all goes well, the plan is to expand...more paintings, more writing, more...well, just more!

The End...for now.

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