Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Wolf Bride 'taster...and more.

Well, in between trying to finish the writing, and trying (still working on this) to learn it all, I took a bit of time off to play about on Garage Band and put together a little promo/taster for The Wolf Bride.  Also, I've been busily working on a cover/package design for the Living Testament CD, which will be launched at the Festival of voice, during our concert versions of the show.  I also got myself organised enough to load up to Soundcloud some of my very rough recordings of my Living Testament songs, so I thought I'd post them here.  Please remember that these are NOT the professional recordings that are currently in the engineering process, just my little rough versions.  Hope you like!

Above:  My little song for Naomi, who returned to her homeland as an old woman, her sons and husband gone, and yet not alone, for faithful Ruth stayed with her.

Below:  There was much discussion about Rahab's story, and the terrible choice she was given, and we simply couldn't see her as what we would call a 'prostitute' today.  This was a strong woman, and we imagined that her house was the place to be if you wanted inside knowledge of what was going on in Jericho. A brothel, yes, perhaps, but also a meeting place, a business establishment, an entire household supported by this woman.  A household saved by this woman.  The director decided we needed a 'pop' song, so I did my best!

Below:  Rahab again, looking back, and haunted by the terrible decision she had to make.  Someone mentioned in the writing workshop, that they wondered if Rahab had briefly considered the idea of telling everyone in Jericho to hang a scarlet cord out of their window, in the faint hope that the Israelite army might spare everyone...and knowing that the risk was too great, the chance the army might honour their promise in spite of being tricked, too slim to even consider.  Rahab's people were not followers of Jehovah/Yahweh, most likely still worshipping a pantheon of Gods...and Goddesses. And so we considered what she would have done, marrying into the Israelite tribes, like all women who have become wives to conquerors...she would have taught her children the stories she learnt as a child, passing her people's knowledge on in an undercurrent of women's stories and hidden history.

Phew...time for bed!
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