Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Song Paintings

As is usual for me, when I'm really getting down to the pointy end of the project and time is running short, I get ideas that I just don't have time for, but they get me motivated and focussed when I'm feeling rather headless-chookish...so I do them anyway.

On Sunday, I had an image in my head of a small canvas with wolf's eyes and ears peering back at me.  With some text, of course, because I'm obsessed with text and words and language.  So now I've done three canvases, which is great, because I do love a 'set', and my work is so eclectic that I get quite irrationally excited when I can maintain an idea/style/media/genre for more than one item!

I came down with a dreaded 'lergie' on Sunday last week, and it rather knocked me for six for a few days and I didn't do ANYTHING Wolf Bride related, except lie in bed feeling glum and thinking of all the things I SHOULD be doing.  But sometimes it's also the universe telling you that you need to slow down and stop stressing.  So I came up with a few new, but simple, ideas, and also decided on a simpler set design, because I was definitely worrying about whether it would all work, and worrying that I wouldn't know until I set it up on the day.  I also have a new section of narrative that rounds the whole story out better, and a new song, so I'd better get cracking learning those.

Here are two of the new paintings (or rather, drawings on canvas), I'll post a pic of the third one when I've taken a decent photo of it.

Back to the coal face!

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