Wednesday, May 30, 2018 I ready!?

I think I'm ready...I hope I'm ready!  There are always butterflies, but I'm learning to trust that I DO know it, even when I'm convinced I don't.  Last year, I was utterly beside myself before the first performance, absolutely sure that I wouldn't remember anything and it would be an unmitigated, and hugely embarrassing, disaster.  And it went fine, I remembered everything, and the audience was gratifyingly enthusiastic.  So fingers crossed, the same will happen again.  As long as my children don't pass anything nasty on to me (next week is fine), they've both been sick!  My 'little one' (inverted commas because in no physical sense is she 'little' anymore, now being considerably taller than me), is home sick again today, and has been since last Thursday, poor love.  Doctor says it's a virus, so nothing but rest and lots of fluids, and trying not to worry about what she might be missing at school, will help.  At least it's sunny today, though chilly.

We've had some remarkable weather lately.  We're fine, but last week there were serious wild fires in the area, and storm warnings, all at the same time.  One home has been lost, and thousands of hectares of bush burnt out. We've had some unseasonably warm weather, including warm evenings, which is very unusual this close to winter, and wind and wild weather, but not everyone got the rain we got (we're on the south west side of a hill, facing the Great Southern Ocean, so we usually get rain even when people 10 mins away don't).  Warm nights and lots of wind is a recipe for disaster when there's still so much fire fuel lying around.  Prescribed burns got out of hand, and locals who should have known better lit bonfires to burn off, and things went rapidly pear-shaped, with major roads being shut.  Beloved informed me yesterday that our big tank is only a quarter full, which is a bit worrying this time of the year.  We've had rain, but not the usual autumn rains which should have filled the tank up much higher than that by now.  We'll need some serious weeks of serious rain if we're to have enough to see us through summer.

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