Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exhibition madness #2...........

 So, I've just measured the trailer, and I'll be able to get all my large paintings into it...but absolutely NOTHING else!  Oh dear......

For those of you not from around here (Western Australia), Nannup is about 3 and a half hours drive south of Perth.  A beautiful place to have one's first ever solo exhibition, but it certainly presents some problems.  I'm staying down there for the week, and so are the girls, so that means packing for all three of us for a week, plus all the large paintings, small paintings, prints, cards, print/card display racks, price printouts and catalogues, business cards, postcards, folding table and tablecloth, food/wine for the opening, some things to keep myself amused while babysitting the exhibition (drawing and stitching, and Cordelia Guitar, of course), toolbox with everything I might possibly ever need for sticking, nailing, cutting, measuring, running repairs, screwing, taping, tyeing, glueing, fixing, and general unforeseen possibilities, because I can't just pop home if I forget something!  Phew!  And it just...isn'!

So, I have two options.  First, and preferable (fingers crossed!), is that my mum and dad, who are heading down for the exhibition too, will be able to fit some of the larger paintings in their campervan, thus freeing up space in the trailer for folding table, toolkit, kids (only joking!) and so on.  The second option...a panic dash to Nannup this weekend to take stuff down.  Hmmm...I really don't have time!  So, keep all your collective fingers (and toes too, I'm sure it will help!) crossed that the first option is a goer!

In the meantime, here are some pics of the lovely little Garage Gallery, that I took when I was down at Easter.  I'm so glad my old uni 'stage management' tendencies are still alive and well...I measured EVERYTHING when I was there and took lots of photos, so I think I know where everything will fit and how it will look!

Wish me luck!

Looking inside from the front.  I love those old doors!

View inside, with the lighted display cabinet.  I'm going to use it in the same way, just the top, to show my wood hangers and small decorative pieces.

And a couple of familiar faces there in the (extremely patient at the moment) Beloved, and my lovely Mother-in-law...who talked me into this!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Exhibition madness!

It's a whole month since I posted last, and the last week or so I've barely even checked my blogroll.  But I haven't been sitting on my laurels.  I've been BUSY!  Getting ready for this:

And so I've been busy painting, painting, things, and finishing off old this one!


Here's a quick preview of some of the other bits and bobs I've done.

I know some of these pics aren't the best...but I wanted to let you all see what I've been working on.  There's more, but not photographed yet.

This is my first ever solo exhibition, so exciting and scary...and so much still to do!  Wish me luck!

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