Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cross-eyed and brain dazed.........

....I've been looking at too many blogs, all giving away lovely stuff as part of the One World One Heart Giveaway, and I think my brain is likely to pour out of my left ear at any moment, because I'm having peculiar notions.  Like, if one (and no, 'one' isn't, this IS hypothetical)....if one was writing a large blockbuster fantasy novel involving vast tracts of time and innumerable characters with impossible names, one could probably use the comment verification codes on blogs as a kind of instant impossible name generator.  So far this evening I've had 'Sineshe', 'Culanitr', 'Eleshem'...and they're just the ones I can remember now that I'm dazed and confused and in need of a cup of tea and a nice lie down.  I wonder if anyone has actually done that?

And goodness, I've 39 followers...where did they all blow in from?!


Raven Moon Magic said...

haha, i do agree, i have been to very few but trying to be a good blogger and answering all comments is proving impossible, i hate the thought that i am picking and choosing between them : (
ohh to be chosen! well my nick name is sheshe and that is only because a little boy couldnt quite grasp sheree. so Sineshe is not too far off.
but yes some of the names leave me puzzled, i love to read mine aloud with accents too! although they are quite possible very wrong. I seem to type with an english queens voice in my head! hhmmm what is yours?????

Raven Moon Magic said...

ohh dear Im confused arent I, I now realise what a comment verification code is hahahaha woops, too hot for my dear brain.
but theres your daily laugh! ; )

A mermaid in the attic said...

Don't worry Sheree, I've had those moments too, especially after all that blog-hopping! I know what you mean about the accents...sometimes it depends on what movies I've been watching recently!

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