Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stitching, stitching, stitching.........

A few more progress pics.  I've been working on this exclusively this week, so no drawing or painting happening at the moment.  I made up a small scale version of my robe/mat to see what it looked like on.
Here's the back and front, the back being the highly decorated bit I'm currently working on.

It was designed to fit Prince Charming here (presuming he's 6'4"), but as you can see, he's met with a terrible accident (ie. a run in with the dingle dog) and I think his modelling career may be over (the phrase that immediately comes to mind is "ma legs, ma legs, ah caint feel ma legs"...from some movie or other that my full-scale Prince Charming likes to quote)!
He's remarkably cheery considering his predicament.  Perhaps Prince Charming is made of sterner stuff than I thought!

Luckily, Barbie was available to step into his place at very short notice.  She clearly loves being in front of the camera.  Wait a minute...I don't, Barbie wouldn't stoop that low just for a modelling gig...would she?!

So back to the real item.  I've added the dark outer circle, which will be on the bottom half of the robe (unless I change my mind, and anything is possible).  If you think the shape of my 2 base fabric pieces looks strangely familiar, yes, you're right.  It did use to be a pair of nice light-weight summer 'hippy' trousers, but they'd worn so thin I tore a huge hole in the arse last summer and they've been in the rag bag since.  They were the right colour and had nice striped bottoms as well (which are being incorporated as patches), so I decided to recycle them!  Feet bare as usual...which reminds me of a favourite poem of mine called Instantes.  I thought it was by Jorge Luis borges...but perhaps not.

And this is where I'm at now, sewing on small scraps of fabric in purply-plummy colours.  Using a very simple running stitch just to tack it all down.  Once that's done, I'm embroidering over the top, and probably adding more of the yarn spirals...but who knows!  Than a bit of padding I think, and it gets stitched to the backing cloth with more running/quilt stitching...also known as Kantha stitching in India, or Sashiko in Japan (I've learnt all this in the last month or two!)  Then I've got to start on the top outside circle, which will be more golds and oranges, and probably a different pattern.
If you're wondering what the red yarn is for, it's my 'compass' string to keep all the patches lined up around the centre circle.

Phew!  Lots more to do...and I actually do have paintings I'm supposed to be doing as well.  And with school holidays next week...I think there will be some late nights involved!


Raven Moon Magic said...

wow! you are on a mission lady!
its going to look amazing when all the embroidery is on there. such an amazing effort!!!
Poor ken doll, are you sure barbie had nothing to do with this, shes looking pretty happy with herself in the photos, almost showing off!!?? her expression tells all, she does however do an excellent modelling job, well done making a little one so we understand, I honestly had no idea what it was to look like before this!
love your work

peggy aplSEEDS said...

your post put a smile on my face! and wow! the robe is shaping up nicely!

Michelle said...

This is going to be so beautiful when finished, I can't wait to see. You are such a talented lady!

Ruthie Redden said...

Christina this is gorgeous,already! i love the way this is looking, such delicious colours. There is something so satisfying about creating something that kind of grows into into itself as you go. Thanks for giving me a giggle with the "modeling" scenario. Wishing you a wonderfully, fun filled Easter weekend x

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