Saturday, April 9, 2011

A brief parent update....and a thank you

Thanks so much to everyone who sent good vibes, offers of help and great suggestions, it really does make you realise we are creating a real community here in Blogland.

Heard from mum today that dad came out of hospital.  He's still on antibiotics but the doctors presumably think he is well enough to come 'home', though he has strict instructions to REST.  Mum said he's in good spirits and seemed quite well today.  She has also managed to get a better room at their hostel, ground floor (yay, no stairs!) and with an ensuite.  So they're going to hole up there for at least the next two days, then if Dad is OK, they'll pick the hire car up as originally planned (taking a taxi to the train station this more Tube!), and then head off south west and find a nice B&B and stay for a week or so (I hope it's more, but we'll see).  She says the weather is currently really nice in London so that's also a positive, they might be able to get out and go for some GENTLE strolls in the sunshine.

So that sounds a little better than it did yesterday!  But I'll feel much better when I know they're at a nice B&B somewhere in Devon or Cornwall (most likely), putting their feet up and relaxing and not going anywhere much at all!


Oya's Daughter said...

Good to know - breathe easy, lady!

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

That's great to hear, I do hope they can get on with enjoying their holiday now, it must put your mind at rest to know he's out of hospital. The spring weather is just lovely here at the mo... most of us Brits have optimistically got the shorts and sandals out already, although my Aussie friend here in the UK will probebly still have her jumper on!

By the way your little bird is now flying on his way to you and should be with you in about 5 days according to the post office lady!
I do hope it arrives safely!
Carrie :)

ensouling said...

I must have missed the first post about this, so I'll send good vibes and wishes for your dad & family & to you as well now!

Glad to hear he's on the mend.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear he's out of the hospital. I was thinking about your parents on and off yesterday, and wondering how he's doing. Staying at a B&B in Devon or Cornwall sounds like a perfect time to me. I hope they enjoy it immensely and want to stay a bit longer and get lots of sunshine and relaxation and fun.

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