Sunday, May 5, 2013

Post-Exhibition madness!

So I'm back home finally, after a week away looking after my little exhibition, staying with my in-laws and being treated to my mother-in-law's marvelous cooking (I swear if I stayed too long I'd put on about 10kgs!), enjoying the peace and friendliness of the lovely town of Nannup in our beautiful South-West, and some rather odd (and slightly disturbing) Autumn weather.  Odd in that, although we did get some much needed rain (rather a lot actually, I was slightly worried I might open up one morning and find the floor under a foot of water), it stayed stubbornly, UNautumnly warm.  Almost tropical on some days.

But all-in all, I had a wonderful time, lots of lovely people came through and told me how beautiful my work was (always a bit dangerous, you don't want to find your head has swelled so much you can't get it out of the doorway!), and BOUGHT some!  In fact, a lady walked in five minutes after I opened up on the first day (which also happened to be my birthday), wandered around for a few minutes, then came up to the front table and said, "You see that big one down the back?  Consider it sold!"  I think I stammered stupidly for a bit and looked blank, before I managed to answer.  So "Shipwreck Coast - Tethys" now has a new home.  And shortly afterwards a couple came in and bought two landscapes.  I think I wore a stupid grin for the whole rest of the day!  The final sold tally was 7 paintings (3 large, 4 small), 2 larger wood hangers, and a lot of cards and prints.  So costs covered, a small profit made, a very pleasant week spent and a whole lot learnt.  Although, sadly, I still haven't learnt how to tell beforehand what might sell and what won't. It seems to be a complete fluke each time, and utterly unpredictable!

View from the outside, with my extremely last minute prayer flags, and a couple of signs/posters that in retrospect are too small (but these are the things we learn!)

 View from the doorway.  You can just see the red dot under 'Shipwreck Coast' down the back!

Me with very much needed coffee in hand, and a big grin that hung about all day.

This is the lady who bought 'Tethys'...I'm probably stammering "sorry, WHAT?...are you serious?!"  And my two munchkins in matching 'galaxy pants', which they love and will wear till they just about stand up by themselves!

A blurry munchkin in front of the cards and prints.

My girls spent quite a lot of time in the gallery with me, they were good as gold and did some gorgeous drawings themselves.  So I put them up on the wall too, and they got at least as many comments as I did!

Talesingrs in the display cabinet.

Small paintings, including a couple of blank spaces where two little autumn leaves were sold and went home with their new owner straightaway.

'Rain Coming' in the corner, one of the two landscapes that sold.

The back wall after I decided to shuffle things around and put something that hadn't sold in the 'magic spot'!  The landscape on the RH wall, was hanging where 'I am the Temple' is hanging, and it sold as well.

'Titania' also sold, she was the out and out favourite of all the Midsummer Trio, I sold quite a few prints and cards of her as well. Always interesting to see which ones will prove the most popular, and seemingly impossible to predict! I might do another (although different) Titania, because I think the other two actually need her, they don't work on their own so well.

Cordelia in the corner, for when I got bored sketching or stitching.  I got some very nice comments about my music as well!

So now...all I have to do is clean my house (my family room looks like something exploded in it, the bathroom is looking feral, and I have boxes and crates and bubblewrapped paintings that all need to go somewhere!), then I have to start working on the next exhibition...because they've asked me to come back in August!  Oh dear, here I go again.............!


Els said...

Wonderful that it was such a succes ! (... and again in August .... oh my ;-) !)
Good luck with clearing up the house and getting to a "normal" life ....

Ms. said...

dropping down under to visit your blue green world is seven leagues seaward of antiquity, and a billion light years from the moon. Your munchkins are the most delicious ever Oz saw, and I'm happy for your good work that many good folks acquired some of it. Blessed is she who....blesses the world so generously.

Chloe grice said...

Wonderfully inspiring! Really enjoyed being a virtual visitor to your show and congratulations on your sales!! All the best from Cornwall x

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

How exciting it all looked so fantastic - I would have loved to see it first hand... So glad it went well and that you had sales on the first day - and your birthday too!
Had fun spotting all my favourite paintings of yours that you've posted on your blog and the Talesingrs too.
(I would still love to buy a print of your 'Beauty Remembers' if you have any more done...)
Hope the August show goes just as well :)

earthangelsarts said...

Wonderful! MORE, MORE!!!!!! XXX

Trace Willans said...

It all looks too wonderful, wish I could have been there. x te

char said...

Congratulations on a successful show. Hope you enjoyed it. Your work is beautiful.

Lynn said...

Your show looks just wonderful.

Ruthie Redden said...

Wonderful, so glad it all went well. Thank you for posting the photos too, it was wondrful to get a feel for the exhibition. I@m so not suprised that your work flew off the walls. Here's to the next one. (Oh and thanks for the reminder that i really need to get cracking too!!) x x

Nomi McLeod said...

Yay! It looks so darn gorgeous all together like that! I'm so glad you sold work too.

I'm feeling inspired to try some larger pieces of work seeing the size you work at...:)

Love xxx

Mo Crow said...

Christina, this is all so wonderful to see & a new show coming up before the end of the year! doing a happy dance here for you & big Happy Birthday for last week too!

Julia Kelly said...

Congratulations on such a great show! The space and art work look fantastic!

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