Monday, July 29, 2013

School holidays and warm weather

This winter has been even stranger than last year.  We had the 2nd warmest and driest June since records began (5 of the warmest Junes have been in the last 8 years), and July is shaping up to be even weirder.  I've been wandering around the house in a singlet/tank, who feels the cold.  It was 23ºC last week, with more sunshine than rain.  And I've spotted blossoms on the almond tree, and a second rose has come out on the McCartney.  And we have another month of winter left!

But the munchkins took advantage of it.  Out in the garden with a thermos of Milo, some snacks and dolls.  I'm going to miss this garden!


Valerianna said...

Seems there is strange weather everywhere these days... and, I guess you are MOVING!!

A mermaid in the attic said...


Trace Willans said...

is it confirmed?

Julia Kelly said...

Remember when my girls did that!!

Austin said...

I have no complaint about this continuing hot weather - I love it! It has also been a great blessing for the birds, butterflies and bees who all suffered so badly last year, so there is also that to be thankful for. And isn't it wonderful that it is easy for the children to live and play outside?

The outdoor life - eating, cooking, playing, talking, working outdoors - is one of the facts I am so grateful my children were brought up with in Italy.

If we could repeat that every year in the UK I would be overjoyed!

Good luck with your move.



A mermaid in the attic said...

Austin, I agree absolutely about an outdoor life for children, it's one of the reasons we want to move. But it's supposed to be winter here, and I wish it would behave like winter! Our summers are toooooo long and stiflingly hot, they just seem to suck all life out of me. And Trace and Valerianna, well, we're terribly disorganised, but yes, short of some great spanner appearing in the works, we are getting the house ready to sell in the next couple of months, and when it's gone, we will be out of here and heading south!

Julia Kelly said...

Love your reports on the seasons south- here in US weather is weird too - but your kiddos are adorable!

Little gamer said...

That looks like the making of great childhood memories.

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