Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Voice of the Wolf

He seems to speak in single thoughts.  One thought, one poem.  Short.  Perhaps he's struggling with this new way of speaking/thinking.  Or perhaps I'm just unable to translate the complexity of wolf-thought into English.  I suspect it's the latter.

On a side note...I usually write poems ranged left, with indents.  But it didn't look right when I was typing them up here, and so I tried them centred instead.  Hmmmm...I think I rather like it.


I, in tooth and claw
pelt and paw
saw you first.

Balanced in air
sky dancing there
between heaven and earth
a peculiar bird
above my head.

Feet calloused, bare
fingernails grimed with dirt
a leaf creeping girl
whose scraped knees bled.

And I knew you were wild like me.


I, beWILDered and beWOLFéd 
dare not think 
of a girl in a tree 
with eyes like leaves. 

Fur legged or two legged 
it is the same. 

I dream my head on her soft breast. 
Her nipple between my teeth. 


My words 
are leaf mould 
are falling autumn leaf 
steeped in humous rich and black. 

My poetry 
scribbled in 
the desperate flight of the hare 
the falling flight of the lark. 

How can I tell her I love? 


From her tongue 
such singing comes 
my hail to the moon is dust in my mouth 
and all my song struck dumb. 


Too rough for caress. 
Yet I 
in tooth and claw 
would bare my breast 
to the bright spear point for her. 


This man-skin 
an unfamiliar thing 
four legged to two legged. 

Too long a quadruped 
my gait is halting 
and unsure. 

And I did not know 
how to use my hands 
until I came to her. 


When I am man 
there is some part 
that stays unmanned. 

When wolf 
a part 

The hand that shaped me 
shaped us incomplete. 

Imperfect cyphers who compete 
for a whole 
that cannot exist.

Fergus asleep.  He won't stay still long enough for me to draw him awake, and he does NOT like the intense stare I give him when I'm concentrating on drawing, so if he notices me, he turns around and presents his back to me!

Please remember all the poems here, and the visual images, are © Christina Cairns, and don't copy or share without permission.


gz said...

centre placement has nailed it! good writing
Love the wolf...Fergus is a nice model !

sarah said...

I love this. It's full of passion and longing and yet there is a tiny touch of darkness to it also - you never forget this is a wolf. I'm so impressed with how your artistic ability moves fluently through so many spheres.

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