Friday, August 31, 2018

Hounds and trees and the Wolf Bride.

A quick pop-in post on latest bits and bobs.  Been doing some more scribbling and writing.  I'm at the stage now where I need to find a space where I can actually fool about with my vague set ideas to see if they actually will look/work like they do in my head (and as this is almost always a 'No', or at best a 'Not exactly', it's an important step).  I'm also beginning to practice running through the story and adding in some movement/mime and possibly some other more 'theatre-y' bits.  Nothing too complicated, I don't want it to become a piece of theatre and no longer an act of storytelling, but a few little things to enhance the experience would be nice.  Especially things that are simple, easy, and do not require a lot of complicated tech, or other people, because I would like this to become something that can travel without too much difficulty.

Firstly though, and most importantly, here's a Fergus photo.  As it's been winter here, and we only have a little fire, my poor boy does something feel the cold.  It's quite amazing how small he can make himself when he curls up.  I'm not even sure which bit is which in this photo, but he's got his blankie on, so he's happy!

Pics of a tree.  Because trees are cool and wonderful, and this is an especially cool and wonderful tree.  I think it's an old fig tree.  I just loved the structure of it, the gorgeous intertwining branches.  It looks like something out of Fangorn.  I might try and draw it, when I'm feeling particularly patient.

New scribbles in my "Wolf Bride' exhibition journal, and some more simple experiments with light and paper cutouts.  Still not sure if I will use this idea or not, perhaps it's just adding unnecessary fancy stuff in that only complicates...I will keep playing for bit longer and see.


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