Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So what do you do on the second day of Autumn, and it's 36˚C?

I'm using the term 'Autumn' very loosely here, by the way (though I did pass a very optimistic Plane tree in town, with almost all its leaves gone)!

Well, you go to the beach of course.  So I went to my favourite cafe, the South Beach Cafe, for lunch with a friend, and immediately thought 'damn, wish I'd brought my camera'.  Because I've been moaning about how horrible and hot it is here, and that I'm really not a summer person, and looking with extreme envy at all the lovely pictures of snow on all my favourite blogs...and it dawned on me how much I love this cafe and yet it's an essential part of what summer is all about, or should be all about, here in Western Australia.  I've been going to this cafe for years, and the first thing I love about it is that it hasn't really changed at all.  It's still essentially a beach kiosk, where you can wander in wearing wet bathers and sandy feet, on a long patch of grass with big pine trees providing very welcome shade, right next to a beautiful beach of turquoise water and white sand.  So you wander down to the beach, have a leisurely swim (which we did, and the water was perfect), wander back up with sandy feet, sit on the grass outside the cafe (as we did) or sit inside and no-one will look twice at your bare feet or care that you're dripping onto the paving, and order simple but pretty damn good food at reasonable prices, and good coffee (my other half fancies himself a bit of a barista, so good coffee is appreciated).  I didn't take my camera, but a quick web search and I found they have their very own website with pics, and even a couple of videos to watch.  So here's a few piccies for a little summer dreaming.

Inside the cafe...no dress code, YAY!  Though this must have been a colder day (it's open all year round, and I'll go there anytime!)

Just over those bushes in the background, is the beach.

Free live music on weekend afternoons, and well-behaved 4-legged patrons welcome.

There's those bushes again...and the beach!

Great place to go for an evening swim and watch the sunset.

No explanation required really!

Sometimes I think we West Aussies are very spoilt when it comes to beaches.  We really do have the best in the world!

As a final note, watching the dodgy little video of South Beach led me to other videos on YouTube of West Aussie beaches and scenery...seemed kind of silly to watch at first, I mean I live here, but then I started reading the comments left by other people.  People saying things like "One day I'll live there", or "It's been my dream for so long to visit".  And it was good to be reminded how lucky we are, no matter where we are really.  If we have food on the table, a good roof over our heads, and live without fear of war or famine or persecution, with our loved ones around us, then paradise is wherever you make it.


greenest mermaid said...

Wow...I can't wait til it's that warm here in Boston, MA!
Great pictures!

A mermaid in the attic said...

Can't take credit for them though, I forgot my camera, so they're from the SBC's website. But it is a perfect place to spend a lazy summer afternoon!

michelleK said...

I tell you what I think 90% of wa's population has been at the beach this week. Gawd knows I was.
Stay cool!


Healing Woman said...

Just saw your book in earlier post and on Raven Moon's blog. This book is so very special. You did a magnificent job with it. I love the way the hands become leaves.

Julia Kelly said...

ahhhh- I am looking out at still a lot of snow and mud- Colorado is also a place people hope to visit someday- but right now- I'd trade you!!

WrightStuff said...

That reminds me of a beach cafe I went to in Cornwall this year. It's funny how these places have come a long way since I was a child when the coffee would probably have been instant from a jar! There's something so relaxing about wandering in from a beach with sand between your toes! I'm also a visitor via Sheree's blog. Loved the book you made so popped by to see more!

herhimnbryn said...

I know it well! I have only lived here for 8 yrs and continue to marvel at my surroundings. Walking early with Dog and seeing a kangaroo, A KANGAROO! And the beaches, oh, you are right, we are so fortunate living here

Raven Moon Magic said...

Soo true to be able to appreciate where you are through someone elses eyes. its so nice. I am thankful everyday that we live a place where no one will bomb us, there is no war and we can live with peace and no fear at all, I cant imagine how all the people in the war regions must feel being mixed up in this war and trapped by poverty so they cant even escape, imagine having small children, i cant stand it.
shit that got a bit heavy!!
anywhooo, cool cafe, I love the free and lovely ones, I wanna roll around on that lawn with the kids, I think if I lived where you are this would be my favorite cafe too. thanks for showing us around your special places, it makes us feel closer.


DVArtist said...

You are lucky and spoilt LOL. The beaches here in Florence, Oregon USA never get warm. My friends and I half joke that if you want to go to the beach here you have to dress in your arctic gear. Oh that is in the summer time.


Marie said...

Hi there mermaid! I started following your blog during the OWOH event and I have just posted my top 3 blogs and your was one of them! Please visit my blog to see and to collect your inspired blog award! Thank you, Love Marie x
PS How lovely is that beach!

Caterina Giglio said...

just found your wonderful blog while out surfing this am and will have to be back to check out the loveliness and yes, your beaches are outstanding! caterina

Ruthie Redden said...

just looking at these makes me feel a little warmer lol,

A mermaid in the attic said...

Ooh, thanks all, and thanks for the award Maire...wow, me being inspiring!

Debrina said...

Hello Christina - I've just come over from Sheree's as she did a posting on the giveaway prize she won from you. I have to say I just LOVE that book you did! It is totally, totally gorgeous! You are such an amazingly talented lady! I must also apologize for not getting here sooner, as I've just been so busy...we are currently getting our house ready for listing next week...cray times ahead! Lol! Well, I have just loved catching up with both yours and Sheree's blogs and I will try and get back here again soon!

Kathy said...

Wow...awesome photos. I hope to some day be able to visit your beaches in Australia...ahhhhh.

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