Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy, busy, busy......

I haven't got any new pictures to show, so I've 'decorated' with a couple old ones.  This top pic is a pencil illustration I did years ago for the cover of a book of essays of speculative fiction published by Eidolon Press, titled "The Fantastic Self" (second book in list).  He he, that's lovely, I just looked it up to see if there was any kind of a link I could provide and found that review...how wonderful, the reviewer thinks my cover 'is gorgeous'!  I have to agree with them about the rest of the book though, a mixed bag, a few good and very thought provoking, but too many that appeared to be rushed and from the school of 'let's state the bleeding obvious for 3 or so pages'.  Also, a 5 page synopsis of a novel does NOT in any way, shape or form a critical analysis make.  But enough of that.

I shouldn't really be writing, because the 'Vagabond King' needs to be finished in time to drop it off before noon on Saturday, and I haven't even finished the front yet!  I haven't even got time to take and upload any photos of where it's at now (soon, soon, I promise!).  But, it's been a while since I last wrote, so I thought a quick post might be in order.  It's a gorgeous day, a bright sunny, and gloriously cool Autumn day.  It's supposed to be raining of course, and we certainly need it, but I do love these crisp bright days.  It's the kind of day that makes me feel happy and content, and reminds me of all the wonderful things in my life, all the things I should be thankful for.  My very wise grandmother always used to tell us 'count your blessings' and I think it's very good advice...too often we let ourselves get annoyed and frustrated and upset over dumb things, things that don't really matter, when in reality our lives are lived in paradise compared to many people in the world.

This pic is a 'green woman', a small plaster mask I painted.  I have another big one hanging out in my garden.  I think I DO need more green on this blog.  I should take Hildegarde of Bingen's advice and put some 'veriditas' into my life...I so love her concept.  By combining the Latin words 'veritas' or truth, and  'viridis', or green...
12th century mystic, healer and philosopher, Hildegard von Bingen created the word veriditas to describe her vision of the greening power of Nature which was the divine force within all life. She described veriditas as the agent of God which was the animating life-force within all creation, giving it life, moisture and vitality. Regardless of whether it is divine or science, we are connected to and need the natural world around us.
I'll finish with another couple of short scribbles, before I go back to my spot on the couch with my sewing over my knee.  Here's a little Tanka I wrote years ago for a uni assignment.  I like the Tanka format, just that little bit longer than the Haiku, the final couplet makes it feel more complete to me than a Haiku.
Now, gasping for air
I burst through the still surface
And breathe, lungs aching.
Solitude beneath a sky
Eloquently speaking rain.
And finally (speaking of greening), 'The half closed door', written many years ago too.  The Grinning Jack has a name, but it's a secret and he won't let me tell because as we all know, real names are powerful magic and he's a wild thing and doesn't want to be tamed.  You could also call him the Green Jack, it would be just as apt.  I'll leave you to ponder that mystery yourselves ;-)
The Grinning Jack waits at the end of the path
He wears my fox mask and holds out his hand
From each footprint a memory grows
I have sown a garden of things forgotten.
Back to stitching!


Valerianna said...

Oh yes... a different hemisphere... its AUTUMN down there....! Lovely Green Woman mask amongst the leaves. And, yes, Viriditas - I need to call on the wisdom of Hildegard, and listen to her transcendent music. Have you heard it?? I have both a traditional recording and one contemporary composer who incorporated her music into his score. Both wonderful.... think I'll bring those to the studio today... thanks for reminding me of Hildegard!

Ben Hatke said...

Veriditas! What a wonderful concept. Obviously I need to read more Bingen (as I've been oft told by my wife).

And your painted mask is quite lovely.

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

I love the poems, especially the Tanka - its one of those you see, hear and feel rather than merely read...

A mermaid in the attic said...

Thanks everyone. Ah, VIRIDITAS...thanks Valerianna I've seen it spelt both ways, but wondered why I was having trouble finding a decent definition. It's a wonderful concept. And yes, I have some of her music, absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Valerianna said...

Didn't even realize I spelled viriditas differently.. spelling is DEFINITELY not my forte!

Liliana Lucki said...

Super bellos trabajos !!!!

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