Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleeping just beneath the rain

Although the bedroom isn't finished yet, we have moved into the loft.  There's still fiddly bits to finish (trims, lights, and such) and then of course, the decorating, but I have to say, I LOVE sleeping up here.  It rained the other night, and there's just something wonderful about sleeping right up under the roof, all snuggled up under the quilt, listening to the rain on the tin roof just overhead.  Of course, we have a panelled ceiling now and a good layer of insulation, so it's not deafening when it rains, which might not be quite so pleasant.  I'm now wishing we'd thought of it years ago.  It certainly is the perfect solution to space issues in a small bedroom.  The room looks huge now, and we've got floor space!

Our beautiful new jarrah window.  Look, floorspace!  It's going to look gorgeous when we lift the MDF boards up and give the lovely jarrah floorboards a good polish.

Stairway to the stars.

It really is lovely up here.  It's like a cross between being on holiday and being a kid again!

There's a small barrier made of pine here now, just in case Beloved rolls over a bit too far!

We're thinking we might whitewash the pine, just to keep the paleness it has now being freshly sanded, as it will yellow over time otherwise (which is lovely too, but we're thinking pale is the way to go here).  I'm not sure about colours, but I'm leaning towards a soft green on the walls.  What do you think?

And here's a gratuitous shot of my morning latte and fresh Banana Cake, both made by my clever other half (he really is a treasure!)  This is our little courtyard, which is a nice little spot, and will be even nicer once we finish that too (my dodgy 'semi-permanent' paving to be replaced and the wall behind painted), but in at the moment you have to watch out for the bees, as the tree here flowers in Autumn and the bees go absolutely crazy!

I have been practicing the guitar like a good girl, and now have a small blister on my left index finger, as I haven't developed the lovely calluses that a seasoned guitarist has from years of pressing down on the strings.  I'm struggling a bit because I have small hands and it's a bit of a stretch reaching the right frets.  However my teacher says that's no excuse!  And did I mention that he asked me what kind of music I like, and I said just about everything EXCEPT Country and Western (well, that old-time, really even rhythm stuff)...and of course, he turned out to be a really big fan of Country music!  He had a chuckle and I figure, well, I can only go up from here!

I'm also doing some experimenting to see if I can work in pencil on canvas, depending on what kind of varnish might make the medium permanent and not so fragile.  Will post pictures when I progress a bit further.


Valerianna said...

Sooo, he's handsome, is handy at renovating, AND he cooks...! Lucky you...

And, after YEARS of trying to decide on a color for my bedroom walls, I, too landed on green. I think I've finally landed on which green. Now I just need to get my act in gear and paint!

Good luck with pencil on canvas, I've seen it done quite well and with a clear, matt finish to protect it.

KeLLy aNN said...

that is just Heavenly!

Jess said...

I need to practise the guitar, I've left it so long my fingernails on my left hand are really long! We sleep in the attic room and I paint up there too, I love to ie in bed at night and look at the stars. I can't bring myself to get blinds even thought he sun wakes me up in the morning!xx

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