Friday, June 11, 2010

2 Songs on a cold night....

These two songs have very close personal meaning for can probably guess why if you know them at all.  Firstly, the always incredible Sinead O'Connor...I love so many of her songs, I think Troy is a masterpiece.  But tonight...Three Babies.

And another great singer, with too many wonderful songs to mention.  Something of a Renaissance Man too, with many strings to his bow.  I played this song at my daughter's funeral.  10 years later and I still cannot hear it without crying.  Perhaps I'm in a melancholy mood tonight.


Valerianna said...

Maybe something in the stars today... somehow grief has gripped me and listening to these songs had me looking through a waterfall! I do love Sinead... gotta go pull out her CDs.. thanks for the reminder.

Ruthie Redden said...

sinead has to have one of the all time most powerfully moving of voices, her songs do draw the emotions out. . . sending hugs x x

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