Sunday, June 6, 2010

Purple and mustard and...nettle?

Is this a nettle? It looks suspiciously like a weed I pulled up last year and instantly regretted, nettles not being exactly thick on the ground in Western Australian suburbia.  I thought they were something you only found in slightly unkempt English country gardens or along the hedgerows.  But I found two of these in my garden this morning and am not game to touch them to be sure.  I'm rather hoping they are, because I like the idea of trying nettle tea, or soup, or sauteed nettle, having romantic notions about English weeds!

As to the purple and mustard...I went out this morning to pick up the 'Vagabond King' wearing a colour combination that was a little unusual for me, and though I rather liked it, I wasn't 100% sure it worked (although, truth to be told, I think pretty much any colour combination works if you wear it with CONVICTION...but I could be wrong!)  The Op Shop white linen skirt is now a rich mustard yellow thanks to a big lot of onion skins and some aluminium foil (and thanks to India for the tip).  And with it I had on a purple tank top with a dark grey long sleeved top over.  I thought the purple with the grey might be a bit dodgy, so following my own advice, I added a purple headband so it didn't look like I made a mistake or got dressed in the dark.  I think it might look better with a warmer colour than the grey, like a dark chocolatey plum...but anyway...I walked into the foyer of the City of Melville to discover...I perfectly matched their decor.  Mustard and purple armchairs on dark grey carpet.  If I'd laid down on the floor no one would have noticed me and I could have got up to all sorts of mischief in there over the long weekend!
Yes, they are the bits of foil strewn around the grass, drying off so I can re-use them, and the lovely big steamer pot that Beloved picked up at the Op shop for me...and our more-than-slightly-unkempt-garden.

I think the staff at our local supermarket are getting used to the weird lady who collects bags of onion skins instead of (or sometimes as well as) onions!


Ashley Ashbee said...

Wow. You know, I actually don't mind the occasional weed like the one in your picture. It's when there are lots of them that things get ugly!

Crafts @ Home said...

It doesn't look like an english nettle to me, the best thing to do is let one or two grow and see if it turns into anything exciting. Love the outfit, purple is a favourite of mine, but is that mustard really from onions skins..... WOW

A mermaid in the attic said...

Ah, perhaps I can pull it up with impunity then! Purple and Teal have been my colours of choice for several years, but I'm feeling 'earthy' of late, and wanting to move into more warm earth colours and some greens. The skirt has been through several experimental dye baths, so they've probably had a cumulative effect. I think onions skins and aluminium straight will give a bright yellow, but the skirt was dyed first in eucalyptus leaves, and then again with onion skins in stainless steel, and so had a goldy-brown base, so that's probably why more mustardy...which is fine with me, I'm loving the colour! But it's fascinating how much difference the mordant that you add, or even just the pot you use, makes to the final colour.

Jess said...

No that's definately not a nettle so don't go making tea with it will you?! It does look like a weed though and it looks as though it might produce yellow flowers? Stinging nettles have much more 'spikey' zig-zaggy edged leaves. I love that colour combination you're wearing, and so clever to have made the colours from natural products, wow, I'm very impressed!xx

Ruthie Redden said...

I agree with jessie, no making of tea with that!! it isn't a nettle, though i dont know what it is! Your garden looks like a wonderfully creative space with lots going on, much better than a perfect manicured, but uncreative space anyday. I am loving the colour combinations and am so inspired to have a go at dying fabrics am keeping my eyes out for things to dye!! its so lovely to see you too! x x

Shaheen said...

You probably know by now that those aren't nettles.

If you do come across some nettles where you are, please don't just drink it as tea, make some soup. It is really really delicious, and if you get even ambitious perhaps nettle risotto. I so love the flavour. Its my favourite weed to eat.

By the way, love the colours your wearing. When I was small, my mother would dress me up in those colours and I would rebel. Now, I want to wear them. Look great on you.

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