Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An old scribble.....

Song of a distant whale

How far, how far will I travel?
Your long miles mean nothing to me
I am Leviathan.
I surround the earth.

The cold deep you see is in your soul.
Not these warm tides of love.
You would not choose sea over land,
You chose to leave
I chose to remain.

So jar your brains in your two-legged waltz,
little things.
I have no feet to plant upon the earth.
I live in dreams.

So swim with me, gape in awe
little things.
Remember, and envy, 
I chose to remain
You chose to leave.

Written at uni, many years ago.


Valerianna said...

ooooh, oh.... transporting..... dreaming.... wonder....

WOL said...

Love the clip. I can't believe anyone would want to kill such beautiful creatures. The love of money is the root of a great deal of what's wrong with this world.

I'm going to have to think about your "scribble" --so many layers to dive down through and explore.

Debrina said...

Beautiful poetry and video clip Cat! I agree with WOL - you're as mad as a hatter if you want to kill these creatures.

S said...

They look so small in that vast ocean, so vulnerable.

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