Sunday, November 14, 2010

12 hours left to enter my giveaway!

Quick, go get your skates on.
Don't worry too much about poems and such,
It was just an excuse for some fun!
So leave a comment today...
And tomorrow we'll find out who's won!

Off you go and leave your comment HERE to win this!


WOL said...

I hope blank verse counts!
Here goes:

An Exciting Evening at Home
by WOL

I was spending a quiet evening
Having a little read,
Lying in my recliner
With my lap robe on my lap.
As the plot began to thicken,
A cat as black as night
Was plotting an infiltration
And proceeded to carry it out.
He snuck beneath my lap robe
And crawled between my knees.
He curled himself into a ball
And settled down to snooze.
Then several pages further on
A small grey kitty came
To snuggle up beneath my chin
And take a little nap.
My hands were free to turn the page
My eyes were free to read.
And kitties made good company
For so frightening a tale.
But then the white one came upon
Our comfy little pile.
He thought he spied an empty lap
And hatched a little plan.
He took a reconnoiter
And thought the field was clear.
A graceful leap was all it took
To reach his rightful place.
The black one's not a small cat
And neither is the white.
Now with one atop the other
and both upon the chair,
The footrest folded with a clunk
The chair back flipped upright.
The white cat yowled and bolted west
The black one came unglued
The grey one squeaked and climbed my face
My book sailed past the couch
With balance gone, I gave a yell
And landed on the floor.
And that’s why I lie on the couch to read and watch TV and not in the recliner any more!

A mermaid in the attic said...

Wol, that is priceless!

Jacky said...

I think I'm too late...but here's my little poem.

The Red Chair.

Red chair, always there.
Surrounded by fabric,
Pins and scissors at the ready.
Gentle, quiet, methodical stitching,
Snatching a moment here and there.
Red chair, always there.

I have a lovely old upholsterd red chair in my favourite place to lose myself.

Jacky xox

Carousel Dreams said...

Thankyou so for stopping by my little corner...and Happy Bloggiversary - your little wood pendants are just lovely x

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