Friday, June 10, 2011

Aprons and fairy pancakes...

I haven't written for two whole weeks.  It's not so much that I can't think of anything to write, rather that I have so many ideas wooshing around in my head and I haven't had the chance to lasso any of them and wrestle them to the ground.  But it's 10-45pm and I've had a glass of Baileys and am nodding off as it is, so I think I'll leave deep 'thunks' alone for the moment, and throw some pictures of what I've been up to at you instead!

I promised a pic of the aprons...well, one will have to do for the moment, though they are now all finished. This one is a gift, but I've made myself one in the same fabric, minus the frilly bits (I'm not really a frilly person!)

One scarf commissioned by littlest munchkin...though probably rather longer than it needed to be.  She wanted one just like the one I made biggest munchkin last year.

Then of course, biggest munchkin wanted a photo in hers!

Then a lovely lunch at a very exclusive alfresco restaurant.  
Yes, dear readers, it is actually winter.  Looks like it will be a very dry one.

The chef in her kitchen.  The rather untidy courtyard/barbeque area. 
(Hah!  Beloved teases me about my paving efforts, but they're still there, still doing their job, after about 7 years!)

Ooh lovely, the kettle's on!

Here's the menu.  I was going to make a comment about the frequent appearance of be-socked feet OUTSIDE (I'm constantly telling them to 'put your shoes on'!)  Then I looked at the next pic and though better of it.

Mummy in her gardening clothes...and socks!  Very flattering I don't think!

Mmmmm, pizza!  And Flynn makes another appearance.  Looking innocent and NOT digging up the bare patches in the lawn.

Then we were treated to a floor show of aerial the chef...and waiter!  
Just as well daddy wasn't there...children believe hills hoists are designed to swing on...daddies on the other hand, believe they are designed to hang up motorbike filters, tent flies, karate protecty shin pads, old tarps and the like.

And we discovered that faeries are rather partial to faery size pancakes with lashings of maple syrup!  Littlest said she could see tiny footprints in the syrup, so they must be very sticky faeries!

And last, for now, this is what you might call an aural doodle.  Sat down earlier this evening, after munchkins were off to bed, and muddled about with Cordelia and a little song melody, and thought, hmmm, I like that, I'd better record it so I don't forget it.  It might even get words one day!


Valerianna said...

Beautiful post, Christina - and your song is full of wonderful lyrics, or so it seems to me! Love the stocking feet on all of you...

Lady of the Greenwood said...

I agree, it doesn't need words. Its beautiful as it is.

Windsongs and Wordhoards said...

I love the doodle... beautiful flowing melodies, and I really like the kind of uneasy falling minor at the end of some of your vocal phrases, it adds a wonderful emotive undertow. With or without lyrics, voice and guitar blend together like breath and heartbeat.
Fun to see what your little monkeys have been getting up to, very much the same games as my own little pixies!

Els said...

Hmmmm, nice restaurant and no dress-code !
(Good kitchen?)

Unknown said...

I've just been reading through past posts. Beautiful music. Made me cry .. the song about your wee daughter. I lost a son at 18 and the sadness really never goes away because of the milestones missed. I send you much love. I love your little chef so busy in her kitchen.

S said...

Ha! god I used to love to swing on the hills hoist (no wonder it was all wobbly and bent)such fun ~ long may they swing!

Karen said...

Such a wonderful resturant. I would love to pay it a visit. :)
And Beautiful music Christina, you a very talented. I love it just how it is.

naomi orana said...

Can't stop smiling - your girls look so happy and joyous!
You're obviously a wonderful mum :-)

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