Monday, December 19, 2011

Another view of Beauty...

A few months ago, Beloved and I watched the live broadcast of Tim Minchin's concert at the Sydney Opera House, 'Tim Minchin vs The Sydney Symphony Orchestra'.  It was repeated on saturday evening and so we watched again, and again I marvelled at the intelligence, skill and talent of a local Perth boy who's made good.  I know Tim isn't everyone's cup of tea, I suspect he falls into the either-love-him-or-hate-him category, but he's not only a consummate performer, he also has a unique ability to make you laugh, while you're thinking 'that's awful, I shouldn't be laughing at that', while at the same time, you're thinking, 'God, he's absolutely right, I do that too, I never thought of it that way before.'  I like all of his material, but this song stopped me in my tracks and almost made me cry the first time I heard it, and I felt the same way hearing it again the other night.  Typically of Tim, his song is a masterpiece of contradiction.  I won't try and explain it, just listen and read the lyrics.  And I think it is a great song for those of us who try and create beauty in what we do, to remember that beauty alone is not enough.  There must be heart and soul as well.


Anonymous said...

An amazing song. Wish he'd do more 'serious' stuff. Do enjoy the comedy too though

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