Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've never won a Beauty Contest before! And more things for Magic4Terri!

WELL!  THIS was the news that greeted me on Saturday!  How wonderful, I'm amazed and excited and jumpy-up-and-downy!  It seems this little chap will be making his way down-under, to find a new home in the attic (well, actually, more likely the hallway or the lounge room, I wouldn't want to hide him away!)

 Thank you so much to Jackie Morris, I'm humbled and chuffed by her wonderful comments.  She understands my 'Beauty' completely.

And speaking of 'Beauty', I've had several people asking about larger prints of her, so I've been experimenting trying to get an A3 print that I'm happy with quality-wise.  I thought I'd offer the first one to the Magic4Terri auction, so pop over and put a bid on, I've set an opening bid of $20 and I'll pay for postage, or $35 and I pay postage as a 'Buy It Now' option (only available on the first bid).  These will be $40 normal price I think, plus postage of course, so get in early to get a bargain, and help Terri out.  And my earlier offering is sitting at $30 now, for the 4 A4 prints of the winner's choice, so still a bargain too (normally would be $80 total, plus postage for 4 prints).


Anonymous said...

thank you, this is such a magical word painting will get over to the auction right away!

helen said...

congratulations....so well deserved...came over from Jackie's blog.

Have to tell you that I am listening to your song and our son just asked 'is that Kate Bush's new work?' :~)))) Go Girl :~)

Love your work....have enjoyed strolling through your art, words and music very much.

Charlotte said...

So pleased for you, the whole of the Beauty picture and music are so lovely.

Good luck with the print.

Ms. said...

Yes--something is right in the universe today--Jackie nailed it--You did it up good--I'm happy!

Danielle Barlow said...

Oh, 'Beauty Remembers ' SO deserved that lovely prize! Now I'm jiggling excitedly at the prospect of being able to purchase a copy from you :)

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