Thursday, March 24, 2011


...or rather, not.  My house is a mess, my garden is worse, and I don't feel like creating anything at all.  I'm totally disorganised (even more than usual), can't seem to get motivated, and am soooo tired.  I wish I could hibernate at least through the last two months of summer, I'm feeling like one of the poor sad brown things in my backyard...sapped dry and brittle, waiting desperately for rain.  None this week though, more days of high 30s (celsius) and no rain at all.  We had a little equinox celebration and made some 'autumny' decorations to hang on the Apricot tree, just to let it know (because it clearly hasn't realised yet) that it's supposed to be turning yellow...but still there is no sign whatsoever of Autumn.  Spring started in late July last year, so it seems that Winter may well pass us by completely this year.  If anyone up in the North has a surfeit of Spring showers, please send them down our way, we desperately need rain.


Valerianna said...

HI Christina - I feel your doldrums! Luckily, something profound shifted for me with the Equinox. We had a glorious day of sun and warm, though the next few days were back to colder and snowing. Sun again today. Sometimes one just needs a shift. Sounds hot and I know from last summer what feeling parched land and spirit is like. Wishing you autumn breezes and a good, gentle cycle of rain to inspire you with mists and magic. Many blessings, friend,

Mo Crow said...

Hi Christina,
talking of still life, have a look at this delicious "visual harvest" by Stephen Trebilcock
I want to eat them all up!
just a bit of inspiration to get your brushes out, heat & dust mixed into the paint can be good!

Joel Le Blanc said...

Just in time for the equinox, here in the south island of New Zealand we have experienced a well-timed cold snap. Days of basking in the late summer light has quickly morphed into days spent wrapped in blankets, drinking hot tea and wearing beanies, like a snap of the fingers. The south island is one of the few places where winter and autumn have any real home in New Zealand. As opposed to the "winterless north", the trees here turn gold and red, before finally shedding and becoming naked.

When winter rain knocks on the door, I'll tell him to stop by your place first.

WOL said...

We're dry here too. And all over tree pollen. I'm too busy sneezing to be lethargic. Wind is blowing, and it's a little on the chilly side. Hang in there. Winter is coming.

Von said...

Hang in there it will get damper.Down South we're very damp and starting to green up.

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