Thursday, December 15, 2011

Etsy Shop Update: New Prints etc

This is me attempting to sound organised, as if I do regular shop updates at precisely 10.58pm every Thursday evening...ha, ha, ha...oh dear!  But it SOUNDS lovely and organised and businesslike, doesn't it?!  But I'm not really kidding any of you, am I?!

Anyway...well yes, I have listed a bunch of new things in my Etsy shop, and there are several that have never even appeared here on my blog, so I'll be interested to see what people think of them.  Here are some of the new ones.

Shell 2, from the 'Journal Collection' (there are 4 in the set, and are now all available as A4 prints)

The Elements.  It's 'Fire' that started everything off actually, you can thank her for my deciding to give the 'professional artist' gig a go.

Babel-On.  Witterings and wafflings on the inadequacy of language...and a girl with a castle for a hat!

La Belle Dame Sans Merci.  Because I've loved John Keats' poem since I first read it as a teenager.

If you haven't yet checked out the Magic4Terri auctions, pop over there now, as it all ends in about 10 hours and there are wonderful things to be found.  I've got two offerings there, and the set of 4 A4 prints of your choice (with lots more to choose from now) is still sitting at the bargain price of $40.  The A3 print of 'Beauty Remembers' has shot up to $65, so I'll be adding in lots of extra goodies to that one.
And given that I've once again failed to be organised enough to have lots of Christmas goodies in my Etsy shop actually in time for Christmas, I'm considering getting in early and having a Pre-Post-Christmas sale.  What do you reckon!!?

Of course, that would mean getting it done before Christmas.............

Ooops!!  I forgot to mention that I've also listed these tea bag and vintage book paintings in my shop as well!  All are mounted with plain white mount, as the 2nd and 3rd photos show.


Charlotte said...

They all look lovely, I wish you successful sales.sub

tera said...

I particularly like your 4 journal pieces. Really lovely colors on everything. :)

sarah said...

Sigh, your artwork is mesmerising.

Valerianna said...

Hope your shop is brimming with customers to match the abundance in your heart! Almost Solstice blessings to you.... as we turn towards the light up here and you towards the dark.

Trace Willans said...

Just popped over to have a look at magic4teri and luckily I still have the top bid so fingers crossed the 4 prints are mine.

Trace Willans said...

I won I won I won, oh happy day. Now to choose!!!!
x te

Jette Nielsen / Vanefreja86 said...

Hello i love your work!

I'm working on a video about redheads in art. May i use your "La Belle Dame sans merci"? I will, of course, mention you in the credits and you in show it to you before i upload it.

elena nuez said...

those are excellent!!!

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