Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last Chance for Giveaway...and other sundry items!

Giveaway ends 12.01am (GMT...which is about 8am Monday here!) February 15th.
Just a reminder to all who pop in, especially the lovely Followers who have been with me since I first took shaky steps on wobbly legs into Blogland and who may not have entered yet, that you have a little less than 24 hours left to leave a comment on this post HERE (not this post here!) for a chance to win my OWOH giveaway.  All you need to do is a) have a blog, b) have a way I can contact you, and c) leave a comment on my OWOH post.  I have been busy working on my mystery gift, and it has worked out so well I almost don't want to part with it!  Here's another sneak preview!

The Improved Kitchenette
Well, what a difference!  I think the green works beautifully, and now that I've filled it all up with the pretty bits and pieces of china that I've bought or inherited (I must admit to a slight china fetish!) it looks fab.  And even better, now that my china is easily at hand, I'm more likely to actually use nice to open up those lovely doors and think 'hmmm, which one shall I have my cup of tea in today?'

How to have a thumping good time with an 8 year old!
Well, I got a ring from the bookshop the other copy of Eco Colour by India Flint was in!  I've wanted it for ages and finally decided to treat myself and order it.  Isn't it delicious to look at ?!

So eager to get into it, and with a bored 8 year old underfoot, we decided to try this!

And these are the results!  Pretty cool.  Apparently they should last relatively well, (after I've given them a steam iron), as long as they don't get vigorously washed too often.  Well, it kept the munchkin amused for at least 10 minutes!

Oh yes...I forgot to mention...a thumping good time because we used the other half's large rubber mallet and, well, thumped!


Jess said...

I love your kitchen cupboard, so pretty! That book looks interesting too and well done you for including your 8 year old! Looks like you had fun! :)

Carousel Dreams said...

Your kitchen cabinet looks so lovely!

Jasmine said...

I was given this ook for Christmas. it has been on my wish list for a very long time. Have you visited India's blog? 'Not all those that wander are lost'.

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