Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures in progress and parcels in the post!

Do you remember my cheeky fairy?  This is what she looked like before, but I think she's finished and this is what she looks like now!  Not the greatest photograph, as Danielle over at Notes from the Rookery was saying just the other day, it's very difficult to capture a pencil drawing well.  I'll have another go in better light to see if I can get a photo good enough to use for prints, but for now, you can at least see what I've done with it.  Not 100% sure it's completely successful, but pretty pleased with it.  I'm also working on this again, using the same kind of colour wash background, but it's not finished yet so you'll have to wait to see the final results!

Also, I've been receiving lovely PARCELS!  My OWOH prizes have all arrived on top of each other, and also, the two lovely books from Gail at Papergail to embellish and decorate!

That's little Mac, from the lovely Salihan.  He's a keen thespian despite his young age, and is auditioning for a small roll-on part in William Tell.  The small munchkin underneath is trying not to laugh!

This lovely bracelet is from Michelle over at The Muse Factory.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you're in for a treat, she always makes me laugh.  The really amazing thing about this bracelet though, is that it FITS me...perfectly.  I have weirdly skinny wrists, and most bangles and bracelets just fall off, so I'm feeling very happy for myself!

And finally, this is my surprise win from Julie at My Curious Tea Party, isn't it lovely?  Oh the joys of parcels in the post!!!

And WOW,  it seems I'm nearing the 100 Followers mark....hmmm, I think I feel another Giveaway coming on.  Stay tuned!


Jasmine said...

Your little oak fairy is so gorgeous. That is the kinsd of fairy i see my little girl as being xJ

Ruthie Redden said...

a perfect forest fairy! i do love your style. cant wait to see what the other drawing becoms!! fab pressies too, i have exactly the same problem with skinny wrists & so love the style of the bracelet too! have a fab weekend x x x

Julia Kelly said...

I love you fairy- to me she must be in the middle of taunting her fairy brother- trying to get him to chase her and what a treat to get such goodies!

Michelle said...

I am so glad you love it ♥

DVArtist said...

Very cute fariy. Love the bracelet and hope you reach the 100 mark on your followers soon.


Danielle Barlow said...

This is really lovely :)

Salihan said...

Your fairy is stunning! I'm in awe. Her face is full of personality.

It's also great to see Little Mac in such a happy, cheery home. You must have had a lucky streak to have won two other prizes.

Hope you continue to be blessed!

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