Monday, February 15, 2010

OWOH Winner...and my 'Painting for Haiti' is sold!

Well, it's time to announce the winner of my mystery giveaway.  It turned out rather more complicated than I thought, but then I hadn't expected 267 people to leave comments!  I found I couldn't print my comments out to put into the hat, and because I didn't fancy writing out 267 names, I thought I'd use random numbers, but the thought of counting through all my comments onscreen made me go cross-eyed.   I decided there MUST be a simple way to number individual comments, so I don't have to manually count through them.  So that set me off on a search for some html code that a complete novice like myself could insert.  Finally found a method that sounded RELATIVELY straightforward...but still took several attempts to get it to work.  Phew!  OK, so now I've got my comments individually numbered, so I found an online random number generator to use.  But then, the old-fashioned romantic in me reminded me that I'd mentioned an old-fashioned hat-drawing.  Hmmm, well, I suppose I could write 1-267 on small bits of paper and put them in.  But then I thought of a better idea!  I generated 20 random numbers between 1 and 267 using the online thingy, then put THEM into the hat.  And here's the results!

Into the Hat they go.

Now I need a couple of little people to help!

And the winner is.............

Comment No. 14

And who is that?  Back to my blog, making sure I'm checking page ONE of the comments (because the numbering starts again from 1 on each subsequent page...bah it says that comment No. 215 is comment No. 15).  And No. 14 that's not my teeth chattering, it's a drum roll.....................the lovely Sheree, from Raven Moon Magic, in beautiful New Zealand (or Middle Earth, if you prefer!)

Now, I can't show you any photos of the finished piece YET...because it needs some finishing touches added to it, but also because I want it to remain a surprise until Sheree receives it.  So I'll take lots of photos, and as soon as I know it has reached its new owner safe and sound, I'll post them here so everyone can see.

A Painting for Haiti
Well, I woke up to some lovely news this morning, an email from PayPal saying that someone has bought "Wherever I lay my hat".  So my painting will shortly be winging it's way to its new owner (who by the way, found me through OWOH), the generous Carol in California USA, and $100USD has been donated to World Vision.

Goodness me, I've WON!
Well, knock me down with a feather and call me Prudence...I've won not one, but TWO OWOH giveaways.  Woo Hooooo!  Look what lovely things will be in my clutches soon...that sounds like there should be an evil cackle to follow, but I'm feeling far too happy, so I'll giggle like a silly schoolgirl instead!  From Salihan in Sydney (check out her blog, she has some seriously cute crochet critters), this cute little Apple Mac to sit on my Apple Mac!  And from Michelle at The Muse Factory, this scrumptious bracelet.  I am SO spoiled!


DVArtist said...

Heyyy congratulations to your winner and to you for winning two giveaways. How great is that? I have won a giveaway myself.

This has been the best experience of meeting new people.

Happy day to you

Jess said...

Well done at your winnings! Great that the painting sold too :)

Raven Moon Magic said...

What!!!! OMG its so funny reading my name, I thought I had made it up! thankyou thankyou thankyou soooo much, I cannot wait to see my mystery present, Im so excited. This has been the best experience already and it just gets better and better, meeting all you people is the gift itself. Ohh bless I won , I won! woo hoo. and Im so happy the Haiti painting sold, that was a truly beautiful thing you have done for them, give give give and look at what is coming back.
Well Im off to playcentre today with a smile on this face!
I adore your work and cant wait to display something of curly wurly bliss in my home.
thankyou heavens for picking me, or random number selector machine as you are known on earth hehe

I will email you my address
have a lovely day : )
sheree woo hooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so gorgeous.

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